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August 24th, 2014  

Modern Business Administration Service for Cumbria

Gwen Backhouse

Many businesses are feeling the weight of excessive paperwork as they grow and that paperwork takes precious time that could be spent on the more important aspects of the business. Local business woman Gwen Backhouse, who has many years of experience working as a Personal Assistant, Receptionist and Audio Typist, has identified this issue and has come up with an innovative solution to help businesses address this problem and save time and money.

Gwen is a ‘Virtual Assistant’ and has started a company called Curlew Secretarial Solutions, based in the small Cumbrian village of Garrigill on Alston Moor.

A Virtual Assistant is a secretary/Administrator/Personal Assistant who works remotely from their fully equipped office and uses the internet, post, telephone as their main sources of communication; although they are always happy to collect work too.

Gwen realised that businesses struggling with their paperwork did not always want to deal with the overheads of hiring a new member of staff. Hiring a Secretary or Administrative Assistant not only costs a great deal of money (wages, sick pay, holiday etc) but it also requires space and a fully equipped office. Hiring a Virtual Assistant means only having to call upon their services when required and only paying them when something needs to be done. Instead of doing their paperwork, businesses can get on with the more important aspects of their work. It therefore adds time and value to a business.

Gwen has always enjoyed administrative work and has used this love of paperwork to help businesses in need. With 15 years of experience and a fully equipped office, she can offer a fully comprehensive service. With one client in Amsterdam, Holland it demonstrates that Curlew Secretarial Solutions can carry out their work fully without the need for face to face contact although some of their clients are local and meet up regularly to pass over work and discuss ideas.

Curlew Secretarial Solutions is a modern business in every sense. It is environmentally friendly as work is very often received over the internet so no travelling is necessary, and sending files through the internet also saves on paper usage.

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