Why use a Virtual Assistant?

The Benefits of using a Virtual Assistant

The role of Secretary or PA was traditionally considered to be an “in-house,” job.  But in recent years and with the advancement of digital technology, this is no longer the case.  In fact, the role of a virtual assistant is now a relatively well-known concept for many in business; even Richard Branson uses a VA!

Virtual assistants save you time and money by taking care of those annoying jobs that you dislike or would rather not spend your time doing.  Let’s face it, when you started your business, it wasn’t because you enjoyed doing the admin behind the scenes, it was because you are good at what you do.

By outsourcing those time-consuming tasks, not only will this save you the time it takes, but it also means you can use that time to work in your business and make money, do what you are best doing, relax and sit back in the knowledge your work is in safe hands!

A good virtual assistant will be up to date with all the regulations that determine how they work with you such as IR35, GDPR and they should be registered with the ICO.  This means they know how to work with yours and your client’s data and will handle any of your information and data with care. 

A Virtual Assistant’s systems should be backed up regularly and they should be insured.  Don’t be afraid to ask your potential virtual assistant whether they know and understand these areas, and do check that they are registered with the ICO.

For more information on how to work with your virtual assistant, please download the Society of Virtual Assistant’s helpful ‘How to Work with Virtual Assistants’ document here.

Additional Benefits...

Some further benefits of outsourcing your work to a Virtual Assistant are:

  • Using a virtual assistant can save you money on salaries and associated costs as well as office space and equipment, giving you more control over your admin spend.
  • You only pay us for the work we do.
  • As well as financial savings on tax, national insurance, sickness, holiday pay, maternity leave and HR costs, virtual assistants also use their own office space, heating, power, IT equipment and software.  We work from a fully equipped office and offer support via telephone, email, internet and post.
  • We work on a pay as you go basis - see our prices page for more information.
  • We offer a 24 hour service for urgent requirements.
  • All our systems are secure, GDPR compliant and backed up daily.
  • All of our team are highly skilled and experienced virtual assistants.
  • No job is too small!
  • We offer an efficient and confidential service with a fast turnaround and we never compromise on quality.
  • There are no geographical boundaries to our services as we work online, however due to GDPR and data protection regulations, we prefer to work with countries inside the European Union.
  • Confidentiality and security form a vital part of the services we provide, and discretion is guaranteed at all times, no matter how big or small the assignment.
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