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How Can We Help

December 2nd, 2020   •   no comments   
How Can We Help

It’s day two of #Blogmas2020 and today’s post is about how we can help our customers over this festive season.

Despite this horrendous pandemic and the recent Lockdown, clients do seem to be busying up as the festive season approaches.  Never before has a new year looked so attractive, and people are making big plans for themselves and their businesses as it approaches.

So, with that in mind, I want to tell you about a few of our fantastic services that can benefit businesses as they approach Christmas and dive into 2021.  So, here we go…

Christmas Card Service
Christmas Cards Service

Christmas Card Writing Service

What better way to remind your leads and past customers that you are still there and open for business than to send them a handwritten Christmas card?  And even better, what if I told you that you could do that without lifting a finger?  We offer a handwritten Christmas Card Service each year, which is so famous it regularly makes the national papers!  All you do is send us the list, pick your cards (or send us your own) and pay for them.  Then we handwrite them, add the Christmas stamps and pop them in the post.  Bang!  All done and no hassle!

Booking and preparing for your Christmas Party.

Who has time to organise a Virtual party?  Not many business owners at this time of year, that’s for sure.   We can schedule the online platform, such as Zoom, send out invites, order gifts, prizes or awards, organise the running order of your event and on the day, if you need us, we can monitor your event to ensure everything runs smoothly by minding the waiting room and helping those who are struggling to get in. 

Recently we helped a client book a virtual wine tasting session via Zoom followed by a short award ceremony.   We worked with the vineyard to send out taster bottles to each attendee, ordered the awards, sent out the invites and arranged for the goody bags to arrive in time for the event.  It all went swimmingly.  We have also organised and co-ordinated an online craft fayre held on social media.  So, anything is possible.

Getting you digitally organised

This is one of our most popular services.  There are many business owners out there working with old systems, hard copies of files and forms or random documents on their computer.   For example, I work with a Counsellor who was asking her clients to fill in their registration forms with a pen and paper, all her questionnaires were printed out from old Word files, and her customer lists were in a big old book.  We took everything she had and did and digitalised it, saving her massive amounts of time and making her look more professional.  Now she has a lovely booking system attached to her website; her forms are all digital and ready to fill in online (but can still be printed out if required), they can also be digitally signed.  All of her clients are stored in a secure CRM system (an online database), and everything is available to her and her customers at the touch of a button. 

Systems and Processes

Many sole traders and small businesses have all of their plans and ideas in their heads or in random notepads around the office.  When setting up with a new customer, one of the first things we do is ask people how they do things themselves?  We ask them to do a bit of a ‘brain dump’ and get everything in their head, out!  We can help business owners do this in the form of process maps, instructions, infographics, for example.

Pay as you go help

Whilst some of our clients give us a lot to do each month, we have others that only need help when things get a little manic.  And that is the beauty of our pay as you go service.  You literally only pay for what you need us to do.  And better still, because we charge by the minute, if you only use us for 5 minutes that month, that is all you will have to pay us for – no 1-hour minimum!

These are only a few of our many services.  To find out about everything we offer, take a look at our services page.

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