The Important Stuff

Our Prices

Here’s what we charge:

For all Admin & VA Services – £30 per hour

For Audio Typing Services – Standard service – £1.10 per audio minute

                                                    Weekend service – £1.50 per audio minute

                                                    Express 24 Hour service – £1.30 per audio minute

                                                    For groups of more than five people and/
                                                    or unclear recordings* – £1.20 per audio minute



Our Prices
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Virtual Assistant Service

Here's how it all works

We like to keep things simple here at Curlew Secretarial Solutions because we know your time is precious.

All our charges work on a 'pay as you go' basis, meaning that you only pay when we are working for you.

We charge £30 per hour, and this is how it works...

  • When we start working on something for you, we press play on our time keeping software.  We type in what we are doing, how long it takes and who it is for.
  • When we finish working on that task, we press stop.
  • When we bill on the 27th of the month, we include a full log of hours that outlines everythign we’ve done and the time it took.  So you can see exactly what we’ve been up to.

It doesn’t matter how much of our time you need either, so if you only use three minutes of our time in a month, then that is all you will be billed for!

Nice and simple!


What Our Clients Say

"I have to say Gwen is an absolute superstar and a great asset to my business. She completely understands what is needed in my business and helps and supports me to achieve by not just working on my administration but all the technical and digital support with my Training Academy setting up systems to make me and my business more efficient and effective. I totally recommend Gwen and have huge respect for her. Great to work with and great personality. Thank you Gwen for being an amazing addition to my business. I do not know what I would do without you. Alison."

Alison Magee-Barker

Hospitality Consultant