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Audio typing (also known as audio Transcription) is the art of turning everyday speech into writing. When you have something that you would like us to audio type, we ask you to send us your file (this is usually a digital file, although we also accept good old-fashioned dictaphone tapes and a wide range of formats too). Our experienced, qualified audio typists then play this on our transcription software using a pedal and headphones and type this up for you.

Based in Cumbria, all of our audio typists are fully trained with RSA Audio Typing qualifications, have B's and above in their English GCSEs and can touch type at over 75 words per minute.

Check out our Audio Typing Services FAQs below to find the answer to any questions you may have.


  • Standard Audio Typing Service£1.10 per audio minute

    For a clear recording and straightforward recording*  with a three day turn around (dependant upon the length of audio as to whether it can be completed within 24 hours)

  • 24 Hour / Urgent Service£1.30 per audio minute

    For 24 hour turn around or weekend requests (for a clear and straightforward recording*) -

  • Unclear & Group Audio Typing Service£1.20 per audio minute

    For groups of more than five people and/or unclear recordings*

* This price depends on the length of the recording as to whether it can be completed within 24 hours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What transcription style do you use?

Our standard transcription style is Intelligent Verbatim unless you tell us otherwise. If you would prefer us to use a different style, for example, true verbatim, timestamping or minute format then do let us know before we start typing up the document.

Please note, we do charge extra for timestamping as it takes longer to type up.

How do I send my file to you?

We recommend that you use a trusted and secure file transfer website such as or OneDrive and send it to  If you aren't sure how to do this or what site to use then just ask and we will talk you through it

If your audio is on an audio cassette, microcassette, CD or USB Stick then just pop it in the post to Curlew Secretarial Solutions, 24 Front Street, Brampton, Cumbria CA8 1NG

How do I pay?

We invoice you for the work once we have finished typing it up and you will receive your invoice via email.  Do check your spam file if you do not receive it as it comes straight from our invoicing software and sometimes disappears into the Spam folder.

Can you transcribe from an online video?

Yes we can!  Anything from YouTube videos to Facebook Live's, just send us the URL and we'll get typing for you.

Why do you charge differently for audio typing work?

Our audio typing work is charged per audio minute, rather than £ per hour. This means that you know exactly how much it's going to cost you to get your audio typed up before even getting in touch with us.

How long does it take to audio type something?

Generally speaking it takes a professional audio typist around one hour to type up fifteen to twenty minutes of speech.  This is then proofread before sending it back to you. 

However, typing time can vary greatly depending on whether we need to research something, how clear the speech is, how many people there are speaking and a number of other factors.

What audio file formats do you accept?

Let's put it this way, we are yet to come across an audio or video file format that we can't work with, but if you do have a format we can't work with, then chances are we can change it into a workable format.

As well as digital audio files, we also accept audio cassettes, micro cassettes, CD's, videos and USB Drives.

How will you return my work?

Your work will be returned to you via email (we will password protect your document if you wish).  However, we can send your work via another method if you prefer.

As standard, your work will be returned to you in a MS Word document.  Again, if you would like us to send it back to you in another digital format or even a hard copy in the post, then do let us know in advance.

We have a standard document layout that we use, but, we are very happy to lay things out diffently;  if you have a preferred layout then do let us know in advance.

What is Vebatim and Intelligent Verbatim??

‘Intelligent verbatim’ omits ‘ums’ and ‘errs’ and other fillers such as interviewers constantly saying ‘yeah’ and ‘uh-huh’. This produces an accurate transcript which is also readable. ‘True verbatim’ means that every single word and utterance, pause, uh-huh, cough, sneeze, etc is typed. This is mainly used for journalist interviews, police interviews, medical and legal transcripts as they need to record every detail.

Minute format is generally only used for typing up meetings.

Time stamping is used to align the typed up speech to the recording by inserting timestamps at specific intervals (this can be at the start or each page or even at the start of each new person speaking), this makes it easier for the reader to refer back to the audio and is often used for subtitling videos and audio files.

How can I be sure my confidential audio and subsequent document will be safe with you?

We take our data security very seriously here at Curlew Secretarial Solutions.  All of our audio typists are registered with the ICO (information on this can be provided on request), they are fully insured and have signed confidentiality contracts with us.  Our systems and processes all meet GDPR compliance.  Our emails are encrypted and your documents can be password protected on request.

We recommend that you look into the security of any file sharing sites that you use to transfer the data to us and check out their privacy policies.  You can find our privacy policy here.

What do I need to bear in mind when recording my audio file?

You can record your audio on your smart phone or using a dictaphone.  It is also possible to record your video calls on programmes such as Zoom or Teams.

Place your recording device as close as you can to those who are speaking, using a microphone if you have one.

Please don't rustle papers near the microphone, bang the table or move the device around (particularly if you are holding it).  It will deafen the typist when we play it back (leading to many a spilt coffee).

Try to record somewhere without background noise.  It can be suprising how background noises interfere with speech, even if it doesn't seem very loud to you at the time, your microphone may be more sensitive to it.

If there are more than two people speaking, please ask them to introduce themselves at the beginning of the meeting/interview, so we can recognise their voices in the following conversation.

Try not to speak over one another or interrupt.  It's not always possible to stop people doing this, but it can be very challenging to pick out speech when there are several people speaking at the same time.

Play your audio back once the recording has finished to ensure it sounds ok, and even that it has recorded.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about our audio typing services, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team in Cumbria today.