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2020 Christmas Cards Service

Christmas Card Writing Service as seen in The Daily Telegraph and The Mirror

It is great to send Christmas cards to your clients and loved ones; especially after a year like 2020 when you haven’t seen them as often as you usually would.

Sending a handwritten Christmas card lets them know that you haven’t forgotten them and reminds them that you are there, but it takes up SO much time, time you don’t really have, time you want to be spending on your business or time you want to be spending with your loved ones. 

So, why not use our Christmas Cards Service?  Let us handwrite and send your Christmas cards for you. 

We have some fantastic cards on offer this year, choose your favourites from the shop below, send us your addresses and we will hand-write them and post them for you.  What a relief!

This year we have teamed up with artist Dianne Wallace and photographer Adrian Backhouse to bring you some beautiful Christmassy designs.  We also still have the choice of a box of standard Christmas cards or you can send us your own cards!

Choose your Christmas cards and once you have bought the selection of your choice, follow our instructions below so we can handwrite and send them out for you as soon as possible.



Christmas Cards Service


If you have a pack of your own Christmas cards, send it to us, along with your list of contacts to Curlew Secretarial Solutions 24 Front Street, Brampton Cumbria CA8 1NG.  Then all we need to do is write them out and post them for you.  Purchase the ‘Send us your cards’ package above and then pop your list and cards straight into the post.  We will let you know that they have arrived safely, and again once your cards have been sent out.


Hand-written cards add that personal touch your clients are looking for, they show that thought has gone into writing their card and highlights that you are interested in them.  Sending out Christmas Cards to your clients is great marketing for your business and reminds your clients (both existing and past/future) that you are there.


If you order any of our designs, the turn around time for our Christmas Cards service is around two weeks, this is due to the time it takes to order them from the printers.   Please remember this when ordering.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept Christmas Card Service orders after 14th December for our designs and cards supplied by you or 16th December for our standard pack of cards.

Payment is required up-front, any delay in payment will result in a delay in your service.

We are not calligraphers so, all cards will be written in every day, neat handwriting.  

Once your cards have been posted, all contact lists sent to us will be shredded, all personal details will be treated as confidential, and will not be used by us in any other way.  They will not be sent to any third party.  We are registered with the ICO and are GDPR compliant.

We take no responsibility for cards lost in the post or not received.  

We take no responsibility for old or wrong addresses given.


Any questions about our Christmas Cards Service?  Give us a shout here